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If you want to give your kitchen or bathroom a new look, one of the first things you might consider doing is replacing your cabinets. While there is nothing wrong with buying brand new wood cabinets for a change of scenery, it can be a bit excessive. Replacing your cabinets is an expensive, messy, and time-consuming process, which is why you might be better off refinishing your cabinets instead. Here are just a few reasons to consider a cabinet refinishing service for your home.


You Still Have Good Cabinets

If your cabinets are still structurally sound, and not dated, there should be no reason to replace them. They might look old and worn, but they will still hold all of your belongings safely. Why take the time to tear them out of your wall and install new cabinets if that’s the case? Find an Albuquerque cabinet refinishing service instead. You won’t have new cabinets, but you can at least be sure that you will love them.


You Can’t Afford an Extensive Remodel

Replacing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets almost always requires an extensive renovation, which can get expensive. Meanwhile, a cabinet refinishing job is much more affordable, if only because it requires less work. All that needs to be done is to strip away the existing finish and apply a fresh new coat, and new color if you like.


Your Cabinets Look Old and Worn

Wood can only take so much punishment, and even the most well-made kitchen cabinets will start to show their age after a decade or two. You might start to notice fingerprints on the doors, scratches where someone wasn’t very careful putting away the dishes, or stains from grease. Not only can this make you feel like your cabinets are “unclean,” but it simply doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing. A good cabinet refinishing service can give your cabinets a cleaner look, and it might even be able to remove deeper scratches and gouges that have marred their surface for years.


You Want to Give Your Kitchen or Bathroom a New Look

You might be surprised by how much a cabinet refinishing job can change the look of your kitchen or bathroom. We’ve already said that refinishing can make an old cabinet look beautiful again, but it’s also a great chance to give your cabinets a new stain. This is especially helpful if you’ve recently remodeled your home and need cabinets that match your new decor.


Albuquerque Cabinet Refinishing from Bleacher’s Refinishing

If you have old, worn cabinets that have only suffered superficial damage, Bleacher’s Refinishing will be able to help you. The staff of Bleacher’s Refinishing has over 30 years of experience in wood refinishing and resurfacing, not just with wood cabinets but with antique wood furniture as well. We work closely with all of our clients to make sure that they are happy with their cabinets and newly restored furniture, and we stand by all of our work. For more information about our cabinet refinishing and furniture restoration services, contact Bleacher’s Refinishing today.