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Do You Refinish Floors?

No. Floors take different equipment and are, quite simply, a whole different specialty

Can You Look at a Piece and Determine What Kind of Wood it Is?

Usually we can , However, we can’t always tell exactly what some woods are. There are many exotic species of woods being used now a days that we sometimes can’t identify.

Can You Look at a Piece and Determine What Kind of Finish Was Used?

No!  No one can look at a clear coat finish and tell if it is Lacquer or varnish etc. We can sometimes make an educated guess however.

Sanding Ruins Wood...so How do You Strip It?
We Chemically strip old finish off, leaving the patina in tact. Sanding ruins the patina !! Besides, it’s impossible to sand old finish out of every nook and cranny. A cleaner stripping gives greater end results
Can You Get Out Watermarks?

Yes, most of the time we can. Although some water spot have gone very deep in the wood and will only lighten up when treated. In these cases a coat of stain will obscure them and make them not so noticeable.

Do You do Upholstery?

We don’t do upholstery. We specialize in wood refinishing. Upholstery is a whole other specialty

Do You Dip?

We don’t dip. We hand strip only. ” Dipping is bad for the wood as well as the glue joints. We’re all about restoring your wood pieces , not causing more problems.