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Cabinet Refinishing

If you're planning to remodel your kitchen in the near future, you're no doubt wondering what to do about your cabinets. After all, they are a major part of any kitchen, both for practical and aesthetic reasons, and they do show their age after a while. Perhaps you...

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Repurposing and Refinishing Old Furniture

When it comes time to redecorate your home, you might be tempted to buy brand-new furniture to fit your new décor. However, you might actually be able to continue using some of your old wood furniture instead. Furniture that is of a good quality can look beautiful...

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Refinishing the Wood in Your Home

Everyone has wood in their home that looks like it needs some work. Some people have old pieces of wood furniture that have scratches everywhere, while others have some weathered antiques. While some people might be tempted to throw out their old furniture or replace...

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Kitchen Cabinets: Refinish or Replace

If you're faced with a kitchen remodeling project, you're probably wondering what you should do with your cabinets. You could remove all of your existing cabinets and replace them with something entirely new, which isn't always a bad idea if you're changing your...

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Why You Should Restore Wood Furniture

Just about every household has some old wood furniture around. Some of this has been kept in near-pristine condition, while other pieces are practically falling apart. While you might be tempted to just throw out some of your own older wood furniture in favor of...

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