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Most of us have at least a few antiques in our families that have seen better days. In some cases, the weathered look of an old chair or table is part of its charm. Some designers even like to work this aesthetic into their decor and come up with something new out of their old furniture. In other cases, the owners of antique furniture are afraid that restoring or refinishing these treasures will reduce their value and remove what makes them special.

And yet, there are times when it is absolutely worth it to find an Albuquerque antique restoration for your family heirlooms. It can be tough to know when to have an antique piece of furniture restored, but these tips should hopefully help you make the right decision.


The Age of the Piece

When it comes to antiques, one of the first things people look at is the age of the piece. As a rule, any wood furniture made before the 1950s is going to be of a higher quality. This was just before furniture companies started to mass-produce furniture using particle board and other cheap components. Wood furniture that is this old was made from solid pieces of wood, which made them sturdier and more valuable. If you want to know if an antique has any real value, look for any designer markings that will tell you who made the piece and research the maker on the Internet. If it turns out that you have something of value, don’t attempt a restoration job by yourself. Take it to a company that specializes in antique restoration and have them examine it. You might be better off leaving the piece alone, even if it no longer looks like new.

If you have some antique furniture that only has sentimental value that you want to save, then by all means have it restored. You aren’t running the risk of ruining a priceless antique at that point. You’re restoring something that you want to use in your home and keep in your family.


Cheaper Materials

A lot of wood furniture made in the last three or four decades was actually not made of solid wood at all. After the 1950s, furniture companies started to mass-produce furniture out of particle board, MDF, or some other cheap laminated material. Only wood furniture can be restored reliably, even for a professional Albuquerque antique restoration company, but you might still be able to get some use out of it if it has a sturdy frame.


Finding the Right Antique Restoration Company

Of course, knowing where to take your antique furniture to have it restored is also important. A company that will appraise your antiques and determine their value is always a good place to start. These companies will be able to decide whether you should move forward with your antique restoration project or if you’re better off simply finding new furniture.

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