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Bleacher’s Refinishing is the leader in Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Restoration as well as wood furniture restoration in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. Part of that is due to the many services that we offer our clients. We specialize in wood refinishing and furniture restoration, but our services for our clients go beyond that to reflect our over 30 years of experience. Here are just some of what we have to offer.
Wood Refinishing
As our name implies, our main specialty is wood refinishing. This includes anything from antique wooden furniture to more modern repairs on weather-worn or damaged furniture, or it could mean refinishing a piece to fit into a new decor you want to give your home.
Furniture Repair
No matter how much you may take care of your wood furniture, things will happen to it. This is why Bleacher’s Refinishing provides expert furniture repair services to our clients. Even when your antique furniture seems like a lost cause, we will do our best to make it look beautiful again and restore it to its former beauty.
Furniture Restoration
Furniture restoration does go hand in hand with furniture repair, but it encompasses other services as well. While furniture repair refers to fixing damage on a piece of furniture, furniture restoration involves restoring old and worn-out furniture and cabinets to make them look gorgeous again. Our services are especially helpful if you have antique furniture that you want to keep in your family or your home. We can take an unsightly yet still valuable chair or table and restore it so it adds a touch of class to any home decor.
Wood Touch-Ups
Even if a wooden surface doesn’t suffer severe damage, it is vulnerable to the occasional ding or scratch. While some of these are barely noticeable, they add up over time. Instead of trying to cover up these imperfections, contact Bleacher’s Refinishing and ask about our wood touchups. These are less extensive than full restorations, but they will still extend the life of your wooden furniture and help to make you love it again.
For more information about the services that Bleacher’s Refinishing has to offer, contact us today.