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Just about every household has some old wood furniture around. Some of this has been kept in near-pristine condition, while other pieces are practically falling apart. While you might be tempted to just throw out some of your own older wood furniture in favor of something new, you might be better off contacting a reliable furniture refinishing company to have it restored instead. Here are just a few reasons why this is almost always a better option.


It Saves You Money

As nice as it may be to purchase brand-new wood furniture, it can also be very expensive. That might be the only course of action for you if you don’t own any good furniture, but you can save a lot of money if you contact an Albuquerque furniture refinishing service to have your existing furniture restored instead. If all you need to make your wood furniture look beautiful again is a fresh coat of varnish, why would you want to spend hundreds of dollars to replace it?


It’s Better for the Environment

Tossing out a piece of wood furniture isn’t as bad for the environment as throwing out a plastic chair that will sit in a landfill for decades, but it’s still very wasteful. Creating a new piece of wood furniture uses 1,000 times more carbon than a furniture refinishing job, so looking to furniture refinishing services to restore an old dining room table or dresser is ultimately for the best.


You Can Give Your Home a Whole New Look

One of the best things about refinishing old furniture is that it can give it a whole new look. Yes, you could restore your wood furniture to look beautiful again, but you can also have it altered to match the decor of a new home. A good furniture refinishing service might be able to give you ideas if you ask.

You Can Preserve High-Quality Furniture


High-quality wood furniture is built to last, even if it is prone to surface damage. You might look at an old dining room table full of scuff marks and think it needs to be replaced, but it might need nothing more than to be refinished. This is especially helpful if you have a piece of furniture that has been in your family for some time. Instead of throwing out a priceless heirloom, just bring it to a furniture refinishing company to breathe new life into it for several more generations.


Contact Bleacher’s Refinishing for Expert Furniture Refinishing Services

If you live in or near the Albuquerque metro area and you have some old wood furniture that can be restored, Bleacher’s Refinishing will be more than happy to help you. Bleacher’s Refinishing is locally owned and operated by skilled woodworking professionals who have over 30 years of experience in wood refinishing. For more information about their furniture refinishing services or any other services that they offer, contact Bleacher’s Refinishing today.