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When you have a seriously damaged or worn cabinet, your first response might be to either strip and refinish it or replace it. That works for kitchen or bathroom cabinets that are beyond saving, but what happens if you still have a good cabinet that only has some minor scratches and other superficial damage? Replacing or completely refinishing a cabinet because of a tiny scratch or gouge is a little excessive, but this doesn’t mean you have to live with scuffed and scratched cabinet doors in your home. Fortunately, Bleacher’s Home Refinishing specializes in cabinet repair and touch-ups, and we will be glad to make your old cabinets look beautiful again.


Cabinet Touch-Ups

There are a number of reasons why your cabinets might need a touch-up instead of a full refinishing. Even the nicest and most well-made kitchen cabinets will collect some scratches and scuffs over the years as they are used. Doors open and close, and dishes and cookware might be knocked into them. You might even find some old cabinets that would look great in your kitchen or bathroom after a little bit of work. In other cases, the finish on your cabinets might just have a worn look that doesn’t work well with a modern decor, and a fresh coat of finish will be all they need to look great.


No matter why you need to have your wood cabinets touched up, there is no denying that it takes a lighter and more subtle touch than most repair jobs. The trick of any minor touch up is to make the offending scratch or gouge less eye catching even if it is technically still there. This is why we will work closely with all of our clients to make sure that they are satisfied with our work and that they are happy with their “new” cabinets. We will never resort to stripping the finish off of any wood if it isn’t necessary, and we will always preserve the cabinet’s original appearance as closely as possible.

Of course, Bleacher’s Refinishing can also make larger repairs to your cabinets if necessary. We can also replace handles and hinges as needed if they don’t fit your home’s decor. As always, we will work closely with you to make sure that you are satisfied with the appearance and function of your cabinets.


The Premier Cabinet Touch-Up Experts in Albuquerque

We at Bleacher’s Refinishing are woodworking experts with over 30 years of experience. Not only do we repair and touch up wood cabinets for homes throughout Albuquerque and the surrounding area, but we can restore antique wood furniture or refinish any wood surface to make sure that it will look perfect in your home. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment with us, contact Bleacher’s Refinishing today.